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Witness to Grace:  A Testimony of Favor
by W. Franklyn Richardson 

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Witness to Grace: A Testimony of Favor is a poignant true-life story that chronicles the remarkable journey of W. Franklyn Richardson. Grace, as divine unmerited favor given freely by a loving God, is shown time and time again throughout each season of Richardson's life. From humble and challenging beginnings to honored positions of power and global influence, Witness to Grace gives an intimate portrayal of the rise of one of the most respected religious and civil rights leaders of our time. Richardson bares his heart as he reflects on the gut-wrenching disappointment of loss, the unforgivable oppression of a people, the need for understanding, humility and unification across denominational lines and the power of education to provide unparalleled opportunities through the all-encompassing Grace of God. Against all odds, Richardson found himself the object of God's favor as he leaned on God for strength and direction. If you have ever questioned the value of your purpose, the significance of your future and what you have the capacity to overcome, this book will shift your perception of life and give you a renewed path forward. W. Franklyn Richardson's testimony is a Witness to Grace.


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