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Assessing My Value will give you an up-close perspective of the ins and outs of appraising on a local and national level. The face of the appraisal industry is changing from an average age of fifty to being accessible to a younger and more diverse demographic. Hill shares these lessons through stories from a unique perspective of getting his start in appraising at twenty-four years old, becoming the CEO of an appraisal business at twenty-six during the 2008 real estate housing crisis, and prospering as a distinguished professional in the high-demand arena. If you are a first-time homebuyer, real estate professional, or future investor and want exclusive opinions and tips about real estate, property equity, and real estate investments, then you will love Assessing My Value: Thoughts from a Trailblazer in the Real Estate Industry. Be prepared to be inspired!

Assessing My Value by Marcus Hill (Hardback)

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