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An invaluable and inspiring compilation that shines a light on unsung athletes of color. Sports have long been used as a vehicle for change, as a way to break down barriers and foster greater understanding.

But while we know the stories of trailblazers like Jackie Robinson, just as important are the journeys of lesser-known athletes who used sports as a platform to fight injustice, racism, and discrimination. In

Remember Their Sacrifice: Stories of Unheralded Athletes of Color, Arif Khatib and Pete Elman share the extraordinary stories of a special group of athletes, of their struggles, achievements, and incredible impact on the world of sports and beyond. It includes Pumpsie Green, the first Black player for the Red Sox; Alice Coachman, the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal; Sammy Lee, the great Asian American diver who won Olympic gold; Toni Stone and Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, two women who played in baseball’s Negro Leagues; Billy Mills, a Native American icon who won Olympic gold in the 10,000 meters; and many more. Featuring an array of sports such as boxing, track and field, golf, auto racing, basketball, football, soccer, and baseball, as well as exclusive interviews with the authors.


Remember Their Sacrifice elevates these pioneering athletes to their deserved position in the pantheon of sports.

Remember Their Sacrifice Stories of Unheralded Athlete by Arif Khatib (Hardback)

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