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Who am I, and Why am I me?  These are the questions that Winfred Payne asked himself as he served his 25-year life sentence in prison for armed robbery.  This memoir is a story of pain, or rather Payne's life journey from a soldier, robber, revolutionary, gangster, a prison escape artist, OG, and now community activist. Winfred chronicles his life in a candid and vulnerable way that seeks answers to the questions mentioned above.  From his childhood days in Little Rock, Arkansas, of becoming a gangster to helping out the Black Panther Party by robbing banks, and ultimately ended up on the FBI's most-wanted list, he illustrates his motivations for it all in harrowing stories of violence, love, and redemption.  The influences of family, friends, lovers, and the government all had a part in shaping him into the person he is today.  Since exiting prison in 2000, Winfred has sought to take all of his life's pain towards a path of redemption, seeking to reconcile with family, community, and ultimately himself.

A Life of Payne- A Memoir by Winfred Payne with Joseph L. Jones (Paperback)

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