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I created this book for many reasons. As a child, I would check-out as many how-to-draw books from the library as I could. I found that most of the forms, lines and shapes in the books were much too advanced for me...I often got discouraged. While working as an art teacher, I wanted to develop a way to teach all the children how to draw. I realized that all the students knew the alphabet. So, I began using the alphabet as shapes to teach the students how to draw. Before long, all the students were drawing and painting fantastic pictures!

Studies have shown that the relationship between art and mental health has been connected to mindfulness, attentiveness, creativity and even improve cognition. There are also measurable benefits of art in education, such as increased academic performance and the development of innovative thinking. Writing this book has allowed me to explore my creativity and to share it with you. With every letter, I've learned something new. It gives me tremendous joy to have written this book, I hope you enjoy it as well.

A B C Drawings by Terri Bryson-Sinclair (Paperback)

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