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What does it take to persevere in the face of obstacles?
How can we overcome our fears to live our dreams?

In this inspirational memoir, Darren Peters shares deeply personal stories rooted in his own indefatigable spirit. Drawing from his beginnings in Little Rock, Arkansas through his time in the White House and into his current role as founder and CEO of a successful public advocacy firm, Darren’s story will inspire anyone who is commit- ted to realizing their potential.

This book will help readers:

  • Understand what it means to dream big and make it happen
  • Find the drive to keep going in the midst of overwhelming challenge
  • Face fears and overcome obstacles regardless of circumstances

Life is the best teacher of all, and Darren’s story is a shining example of how grit, determination, and taking advantage of opportunities allows us to always keep mov- ing forward, find success, and make a difference.

Keep It Moving Forward by Darren Peters (Hardback)

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