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"Bigger is a 22 year old man black man who has committed a grave crime. Bigger lives a life of chaos yet symplicity. Bigger is a chaotic soul and bad luck seems to follow him like a lost puppy. It seems like he can never catch a break. It all starts with a new job with a rich white family. This family’s vibes seem off to him but takes the job for the high pay and his own room . His job is simple: just drive the family around and take them home after. His first time driving is with the daughter, a pretty thing but something about her makes Bigger's blood boil. He is supposed to take her to her night classes but she tells him that she would like to pick up her boyfriend and to take them to a place Bigger would like to eat. The air soon becomes stiff and Bigger becomes awkward. After taking the daughter and her boyfriend out the daughter is wasted and Bigger whom refuses to be fired on the first day of his job brings her home and takes her to her room. As she is waisted and in a state of euphoria he steals a kiss from the girl. Then her blind mother walks into the room. Bigger grabs a pillow and places it on the daughter's face to keep her quiet. When the blind mother feels that she has lectured her daughter enough she leaves and bigger realizes what he has done and starts to panic."

Native Son by Richard Wright

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