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" Publisher Marketing: Sweet Tea and Cornbread was written for every black woman who identifies with the struggle to eat healthy, lose weight and exercise just enough to see results but not enough to sweat out a fresh relaxer! With chapters like Maybe You're Not Just Big Boned and Red, Purple and Orange are Colors, Not Drinks! you will laugh as you discover why your body responds to sugar the way it does and learn the most effective ways to exercise for your body type. Each chapter is filled with information from a cultural point of view and designed to teach you how to eat in the real world without mail order food or expensive diet plans. Sweet Tea and Cornbread will inspire, encourage and motivate you to take back your body and live a healthier lifestyle! This book was nominated for a 2013 African American Literary Award. Show Less"

Sweet Tea and Cornbread: Inspiring, Motivating…by Karrie Marchbanks

SKU: 45
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