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Quantum Pearls are dense bits of wisdom and spiritual energy that can be found buried deep in the mundane moments of ordinary everyday life. This devotional is meant to provide just the right boost for those navigating life's journey and seeking to do it within God's will. It is written for those seeking valuable pearls (like the merchant in Matthew 13:45-46) and for those looking to build the skills necessary to uncover the pearls hidden in their own daily activities. Quantum is a term for a discrete quantity of energy or a required amount. Pearls are things of great worth, wisdom, purity, and love. Together, Quantum Pearls contain the required amount of powerful energy and insight to help heal the body, mind, and soul. As citizens of the Earth, our job is to seek and find Quantum Pearls in our lives. This devotional helps us do our job well.

Quantum Pearls by Christopher Jones (Paperback)

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