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Overnight Code: The Life of Raye Montague, the Woman Who Revolutionized Naval Engineering by Paige Bowers and David Montague


"This is the inspiring story of a groundbreaking African American woman engineer who created the first computer-designed ship for the US Navy. Raye Montague was an ambitious little girl in segregated Little Rock, AR. She grew to be a woman who spent a lifetime educating herself, both inside and outside of the classroom, so that she could become the person and professional she aspired to be. Where some saw roadblocks, Montague only saw hurdles that needed to be overcome. Her mindset helped her become the first person to draft a Naval ship design by computer, using a program she worked late nights to debug. She did this as a single mother during the height of the Cold War, all the while imbuing her son with the hard-won wisdom she had accumulated throughout the years. Equal parts coming-of-age tale, civil rights history, and reflection on the power of education, Overnight Code is a tale about persistence and perseverance when the odds against you seem insurmountable.


Paige Bowers is a news and features writer whose work has appeared in TIME, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, People, Allure, Glamour, and other publications. The author of The General's Niece, she has a master's degree in modern European history and taught about French history and culture at Louisiana State University. She lives in Atlanta, GA.


R. Montague, the son of Raye Montague, is the director of online learning and faculty mentoring at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and is a tenured full professor of criminal justice. Dr. Montague is active in the community, volunteering as a deputy sheriff in Arkansas, participating in a rehabilitation program at three prisons, and has served on several discipline-related boards. He lives in Little Rock, AR."


Overnight Code: The Life of Raye Montague by Paige Bowers & David Montague

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