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Some family traditions we carry with us from childhood into our adult lives. The memories are stored in the very depth of our souls. As children it did not matter ones' religion, race, or social status; holidays may be celebrated in different ways, but we have that common thread; we celebrate with our loved ones and create memories that last a lifetime.
Easter is one of the holidays that may take on a different name depending on religion, place of residence, or ethnic culture, but the traditional celebrations are similar.
Such is the tradition with the writer's family. Maria Hoskins recalls how fun, exciting, and special Easter preparation and Easter Sunday activities were during her childhood, especially at her Grandmother's house. Maria hopes each reader will enjoy her Easter story and recall those moments when things like finding a basket of colored and candy eggs felt and tasted like there was nothing else better in the whole wide world.

My Easter Story by Maria Hoskins/(Rex DeLoney)

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