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Foreword by David Pagel, Professor of Art Theory and History at Claremont Graduate University
from the book: The hands-on, labor-intensive integrity of his workmanship puts great demands
on himself while at the same time inspiring us viewers to be our best selves—to pay attention to
details—to see beyond the obvious, to sense what is invisible, to question what we have been
told, and to think for ourselves.
About the book:
Chukes’ creative voice is captured in his new book Identity Theft that represents the majority of
pieces he began working on since 2016 with a select few of them being exhibited in galleries
around the world.
Identity Theft introduces you to a body of work that was initially a protest against the televised
brutality and killings of Black people and people of color in America and throughout the world.
But the world changed in the past few years, and Chukes’ art evolved with it. His artistic
representation is what happens when people or a nation of people are stripped of their
indigenous identity and re-taught a history that has historically and maliciously filtered the
truth, presenting incorrect versions of past and present injustices. Chukes tells the truth by
bringing history to life in his art and commentary.
What others are saying:
 Cindy Urrutia, Ph.D.: “Chukes’ Identity Theft series has a clear, succinct message—the
artist’s connection to people, emotions and the social-historical constructs of race and
 Auna Hearne, M.A. Art History, Univ. of Cincinnati with Garbo Hearne, Director, Hearne Fine
Art Gallery: “Identity Theft leaves a definite impression and a sense of urgency to reclaim
our history and educate ourselves. It is time for our cycle of greatness to emerge. Once
again, Chukes has utilized his art form as a call to action and aesthetically moves us to a
place of wonder.”

Identity Theft by Chukes (Hardback)

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