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Hey! I'm a Brave Girl! (second installment of series) follows Alana's bravery of discovering who she is, as she explores outside environments, uses her voice in confidence and figures out how to face emotional challenges. It is a poetic story about conquering what at first seems impossible, which opens the door to future possibilities and achievements. It also includes *BONUS ACTIVITIES* Hey! I'm A Brave Girl Now! (ages 4-10) will be included in a collection called Little Achievers for ages newborn and up. This series is about discovery, learning and celebrating the littlest victories. THESE MOMENTS ARE THE ROOT OF BUILDING CONFIDENCE.


This project was truly memorable to work on because my daughter and muse participated in the process from beginning to end. Her voice contributed to the imagery and the activities. We tested each activity together and finalized together. Now, we are ready to share our love light with your family. ADD THIS SPECIAL KEEPSAKE TO YOUR LITTLE LEADER'S BOOKSHELF!

Hey! I'm a Brave Girl Now! by A T Burwell (hardback)

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