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Updated: Jan 25

Featured Super Reader of the Month is... Alana Burwell, 9yo, Philadelphia, PA

Alana Burwell is an avid reader. In fact, reading is her super power! She inspires kids to read more, through her YouTube channel "LEARNING WITH ALANA!" Her channel features interviews with kidpreneurs, read alouds and book reviews. She uses her channel as an information delivery vehicle.

Alana is a kid who loves to learn and be creative. When she is not going to school, flipping around in gymnastics, working hard towards a black belt in karate, playing chess, doing art, solving puzzles, working on math or enjoying quality time with family and friends, you will find her building her business by creating fun and educational content for her channel.

Alana is a very good writer. She spends much time either watching her mom write, writing with her mom or writing her own stories. Three of her stories are featured in her mom's book titled "Ghost Stories: Tale Tales of Spiritual Encounters."

Alana the Storyteller and Author

Alana has completed writing her first book titled "Alana and the Clean-up Sprites." She and her mom go on a journey to save a sprite, rescue animals and clean up the environment with the help of sprites. It is currently being formatted for publishing.

Two Primary Goals

Alana helped her mom submit an application for a kidpreneur grant. One question was what are two primary goals for your business? Alana answered 1) To inspire kids to read, write and be creative 2) To help homeless people and shelter animals. Her first goal is in action. Her second goal is in the planning stage.

Alana has a passion to make the world better and judging by what she has accomplished thus far, I predict her future is as bright as the brightest star in the sky. If you and the family want to check out "Learning With Alana!" Subscribe.

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